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Get inside, get away, just don't get stung

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Movie Details

Title : Stung

Release Date : 2015-07-03

Genre : Comedy, Horror

Runtime : 87 Minutes

Synopsis Stung - This is a pretty classical horror movie. If you are a fan of these kind of movies I would say that it is worth watching. If your are not into these kind of movies you are probably going to find it … not so good.

The story is obviously somewhat ludicrous. It is the usual nonsense about someone using chemical waste. In this case mixed up with fertilizer in the garden which causes wasps to mutate into some kind of Alien-like species that invades peoples bodies after being stung and spawns mutant, giant killer wasps.

Even if the story is somewhat ludicrous the movie is somewhat entertaining though. I especially like the fact that it is not the usual, nonsensical, teenage group goes partying with a lot of drugs kind of crap. The main characters here are actually somewhat intelligent.

There are also a few characters that are quite likable, unlike in the standard Hollywood fare in this genre. I did quite like the old geezer that, almost, managed to make it to the end.

The special effects are somewhat mediocre, at least when the wasps are shown in their entirety. There are a few gory effects but really nothing to write home about.

Some things were rather silly though and the silliness accelerated towards the end. The giant burning wasp was rather over the top. The end? Well, I expected the usual it-is-not-over kind of ending (it is a horror movie after all) but the flying things at the end was really moving the movie into comedy land.

Still a somewhat entertaining horror / comedy movie and I have to say that I liked this movie more than a few of the “horror” movies, with a lot higher budget, that has come out of Hollywood lately, mostly due to the characters not being totally stupid.

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